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There are two armies of bacteria in our gut: useful and harmful. Every day there is a struggle between them. The state of our gut depends on the victory and the number of the first: a healthy gut and strong immunity.

But we are exposed to many factors that reduce the number of positive and increase the number of negative bacteria:

  1. Stress
  2. Use of antibiotics
  3. Various diseases
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Lifestyle

To help our body, it is recommended to receive and replenish the amount of beneficial bacteria.

Remedies for bacterial flora come to the rescue. We often come across these names, let's see what the difference is

  • PrObiotics are living microorganisms that can temporarily assist native bacteria in their existence, but they are unable to take root and create new healthy microflora.
  • You need to select individually. Complex and costly process.
  • PrEbiotics are organic chemicals; can create decent conditions for the life and reproduction of good gut microbiota.
  • Both act similarly, helping to repair the microbiota.
  • Symbiotics - the result of a rational combination of probiotics and prebiotics.

When choosing a drug you should pay attention: pure is a pre- / probiotic, or still a combination of both. Since situations are different and you need to act differently.

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