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Cookie files

Cookie files

We may use cookies (and/or other tracking technologies) in certain situations to collect data that individually or in combination with other information.

Cookies are text data stored when you visit sites on the devices you use. These files are widely used to ensure or improve the performance of the site and to obtain analytical information.

 Cookies and personal information

The above files alone do not transmit any of the user's personal information or the email address they provide, for example, when registering on greendar.eco, but this information may be related to data stored in cookies.
That is, a cookie of some kind, it is unique to the user's computer and can only be read by the server.

We also use cookies to improve the functionality of greendar.eco and to provide our products and services to the user.

 Basically, cookies are used in the following situations:

 * To maintain security and validate user data when navigating from page to page. This allows you to not re-enter the data when going to another page of the site

 * To remember your username and password. This will prevent you from entering this information every time you visit the site.

You can configure your browser to delete or decline browser cookies. To do this, follow the instructions in your browser, which are usually found in the Help or Settings menu.