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Terms and Conditions

The agreement is concluded between the online store of the company LLC Grindar, having an address on the Internet greendar.eco in the person of the director and the user of purchases of the goods "Buyer", and defines the conditions of purchase of goods through the Site.

1. Basic provisions.

1.1. The User Agreement is concluded between the Buyer and the Online Store at the time of purchase and placing the order through the Online Store. The Buyer confirms its agreement to the terms and conditions set out in these rules and this agreement.

1.2. The User Agreement, as well as the product information presented in the online store, is a public offer and the purchase of the goods by the buyer through the "basket" is in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, the automatic signing of the offer agreement.

1.3. The provisions of the Civil Code of Ukraine on retail sale, as well as the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection" and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them shall apply to the interaction between the Buyer and the Internet-shop.

1.4. The online store and the director of Grindar LLC reserve the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions in the current Legislation of Ukraine.

1.5. The buyer may be any natural or legal person, organizations engaged in business activities, capable of accepting and paying the goods ordered by them in due time in the order and under the conditions established by this Agreement, throughout Ukraine.

1.6. This User Agreement shall be construed in the form in which it is published on the Website of the Online Store and shall be applied and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

2. Product information.

2.1. The item is presented on the Website of the online store through photo samples, is the property of the online store.

 2.2. Photo samples are analogous to the product provided, and meet all the characteristics of the selected item.

 2.3. Each photo sample is accompanied by individual text information: photo, video price and product details.

 2.4. At the request of the Buyer, the manager of the online store can provide (by phone or by e-mail) information confirming the quality of the goods, certificates.

2.5. The price of the goods indicated on the Internet-shop site may be changed according to the exchange rate of the NBU, but not after the buyer has purchased the goods through the "Buy" button.

3. The order of purchase of goods

3.1. The buyer has the right to place an order for any goods presented on the Website of the online store. Each item can be ordered in any quantity without any restrictions.

The buyer can lead the order in the following ways: made by the company contact phone number or made independently on the Internet-shop site via the "Buy" button. Details of ordering through the Site are described in the "Delivery" section.

3.2. After placing an order by e-mail, the buyer is sent a confirmation of the order, indicating the names of the selected product range and the amount of the order. The online store manager then contacts the buyer (by phone or email) to receive the order confirmation and in the next 6 hours the order is sent to the buyer.

 3.3. In the absence of goods in the warehouse in the online store in the corresponding position will be indicated by the corresponding inscription "Out of stock".

 3.4. In the absence of the goods, the Buyer has the right to replace it with another product or cancel the order.

 3.5. The buyer has the right to refuse the ordered product at any time before it is sent to the buyer, having informed in advance the online store (by phone or by e-mail).

4. Delivery and acceptance of goods

4.1. Delivery of the goods ordered in the online store, in the agreed quantity and assortment, is carried out by different delivery services throughout the territory of Ukraine, Nova Poshta or other operators by prior arrangement with the store.

 4.2. Delivery of goods can be both paid and free of charge, provided the purchase of goods worth more than 1500 UAH.

 4.3. Delivery and delivery of the ordered goods is made within 2 days after receiving the order.

 4.4. The buyer is obliged in the presence of the courier of the online store or the representative of the delivery service to fulfill the acceptance of the ordered product by quantity, quality, assortment and completeness of the goods.

 4.5. The fact of acceptance of the goods by the Buyer is payment for the goods.

5. Payment for the goods

5.1. The payment methods are listed on the Site under "Payment and Delivery". The order and terms of payment for the ordered goods are stipulated by the Buyer with the manager of the online store.

 5.2. With cashless payment, the Buyer pays 100% of the prepayment of the goods by transferring money to a settlement account or bank card of the online store.

 5.3. The goods are paid only in the national currency of Ukraine in UAH.

6. Return of goods

6.1. According to the Law on Consumer Protection and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution №172 of March 19, 1994. (Addendum №3 - List of goods) Foods, medicines and hygiene items are included in the list of non-returnable or non-returnable non-food items.

6.2. Only defective goods are considered to be goods of poor quality; upon receipt of such goods, the buyer has the right to refuse the purchase. In such a case, the store shall refund to it the money paid for the goods, less the amount of the online store's costs related to the delivery of the goods to the Buyer and the export of the goods from the Buyer, not later than ten days after the Buyer's request has been made.

7. Other

7.1. The Online Store reserves the right to expand and reduce the offer on the Site, to regulate access to the purchase of any goods, as well as to suspend or stop the sale of any goods at its sole discretion.