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Have you ever wondered how many times you chew on food? No? And it was worth the fight! Today is about digestion. Some facts:

1. The process of digestion begins before you have food in your mouth - the start to produce digestive juice is the appearance and smell of food.

2. One of the functions of the mouth is to heat and cool the food to the desired temperature, for the stomach, temperature.

3. Chew food at least 32 times without taste and only then swallow. Otherwise the digestive process is disturbed - there are putrefactive processes that cause a number of diseases.

4. The size of the small intestine in the expanded form can be compared with the area of ​​the tennis court - 250 sq.m

5. For a year a person eats about 500-600 kg of food and produces 1.8 liters of saliva daily (automatically).

6. our entire digestive tract is 9 m long (starting in the mouth, ending with the anus)

7. The food gets into the stomach (does not fall out), even if eating upside down. This is due to the prostatectomy (wavy esophagus contractions). You should not try!

8. You cannot eat while watching TV / reading a book / being distracted on your phone. No good chewing food + eating more than normal.

Causes of poor digestion:

  • Fast food and junk food
  • Toxins
  • Glicks (antipyretic, analgesic, antibiotics, inhibitors ...)
  • Current intestinal syndrome
  • Infection, dysbacteriosis

Deficiency of enzymes and / or fatty acids

For your gastrointestinal tract to function properly and be healthy, you must:

  • Proper chewing + healthy food
  • The amount of digestive enzymes and juices required
  • Absence of parasites (by analysis)
  • Healthy Microbiota + Healthy Barrier in the Small Intestine

Take care of yourself and your body, fill it with only useful products and supplements!

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